Listen to the Back Talk, Attentively

"You know nothing about me!" "No! you don't understand!" "OK! OK! Just shut up!"

Children are angels until they first back talk. Back talk!

Congratulations! Our angels just grew their wings, immaturely, yet eager to fly with them. Time to be a "tough" and "calm" parent and teach them the proper way to use the wings by listening.

Back talk, however disrespectful and obnoxious it is in the moment, is your child’s way of learning how to assert herself. As every parent of a teen knows, adolescents often aren’t thinking things through; they’re just beginning to learn how to stand up for themselves - Janet Lehman, MSW

Parents need to engage especially to understand the children's thoughts behind the back talk. More listening and discussion can reduce the back talk and promote educational conversation.

Figuring out the reason behind the snappy comeback can make it easier to understand and resolve the issue. - What to Do When Kids Talk Back

Let's understand insights into children's back-talk period,

  1. They start forming their authentic opinion toward their surroundings.

  2. They start to form/assess/adjust their opinion.

  3. They are very confused between their opinion because it differs from others.

Due to the conflict and confusion of their newly formed opinion, hearing more aside from the already existing ones become very "noisy."

They’re just beginning to learn how to stand up for themselves, and most of the time they’re not going to do it very well. Your job is to help your child change rude b