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College Transfer Made Easy

For students thinking...

What steps do I need to take to transfer to top colleges?

Is college transfer right for me?

Let us help you transfer


You will explore different careers and transfer to a college that gets the first job.

YOU Focus

You will find the best-fit colleges and study strategies for you.


You will even build a relationship with the universities and have a stronger alumni relationship and wider job opportunities.


Counselor Michael Cho helped me transfer to UCLA, my dream school! Transferring into their communication program is highly selective and while I thought it was near impossible, he helped me achieve my dreams.

UCLA Transfer, Jennifer

Michael's ability to be an effective academic counselor lies in his gift of teaching and management. His ability to teach is displayed when he takes condensed information — such as career descriptions and core ideas, and unravels it into digestible pieces for the learning brain.

USC Transfer, Edison

He is my companion and mentor on my never-ending journey of self-improvement. All in all, Learnmast is my #1 recommend college counseling and Michael is the best counselor I have ever met.

UC Berkeley Transfer, Scarlett

Workshop Includes

  • 20 Hours of Live Lecture

  • 20+ Downloadable Resources

  • Lifetime access to Webinar Recordings

  • For first-year community college students and transfer applicants of all ages

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • English

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