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Ready to get a head start on your college transfer?

In our 30-minute FREE consultation,

  • Assess your current course work and progress toward transfer requirements

  • Identify suitable transfer programs and colleges

  • How to start your first steps

  • Receive a free resource sheet for your transfer needs

About Michael

Hi! I was also a transfer student. I could not apply to any colleges in my senior year of high school because I did not meet the college requirements. Yuck! Then I found out about transferring from community college, but it was complicated, and the counselors were not very helpful. In the first year, I failed to reach the GPA I needed to be on track to transfer. I felt so devastated because I put in so much effort and desperately needed to boost my GPA or I never was gonna go to college. Through research and shadowing, I saw my shortcomings and completely changed my attitude towards learning. I wish I had known better sooner. I hope you all know sooner and I am going to help you.

I am an admission and career counselor, life-coach, and cheerleader for dozens of students since 2016. I coach students to involve opportunities that enrich their knowledge and experience to either explore career options or prepare themselves for one. I changed lives, career lives.

I apply goal-setting and motivation research to help clients achieve actionable goals and find fulfillment in progress. I keep them accountable and track their progress.

When you succeed, we celebrate.

When you flunk, I help you do reflect the shortcomings and avoid the same mistake at all costs.

We keep eyes on the prize and do not stop until we achieve it.

You can become the best version of yourself if you just focus and sweat.

Bo Kyeong Huh - International Client Consultant

Bomi Yang - International Client Consultant

Paola Gonzales - Hispanic Client Consultant 

Our Diverse Team:

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